Brand Rep

We are on a hunt for some brand rep's, What does this involve I hear you ask........ Basically, We choose a couple of super awesome people who have got this selfie thing down pact to be a visual representation of Glamore, They will get random packages of our awesome body jewellery, In exchange for "Selifies"  to help with promotion, we may use these in advertising on our website, Facebook & Instagram.


If you are thinking you have what it takes, Check out some of our already awesome customers that we have shared there selfies on our instagram (glamorepiercing)  or our Facebook page. There you will get a fair idea of the quality of images we are after.

I will add some of these "selfies" below for you to check out.

Things you need to know 

  • You need to be 18+
  • The rep's we are after include at this stage, Plugs, industrials, Navel, & Facial piercings.
  • We do require a good quality image, no fancy cameras required, alot of phones take a great pic these days! 
  • You must be based in NZ
  • You will not be able to "rep" for any other Body jewellery brand.
  • These images will be given to Glamore to use for promotional purposes
  • When you share your images to Facebook / Instagram you must mention / tag Glamore
  • We dont mind if you got tattoos, Its all part of the look, although not necessary
  • We dont mind if entry pics are not Glamore items nor you being a customer, Although it is a plus if you are a customer wearing our items.
  • It all will come down to the quality of your images  and how you will best represent Glamore. 
  • It will also be a plus -(NOT A  MUST) if you have an Instagram account with a base follwoing of 200+ 
  • The search for brand rep will stay open untill suitable applicants have been found
  • Packages will be sent at random, You dont get to choose items, but we will take into account favourite colours/ prefered style etc
  • These rep's will be valid for a year, however we do have the right to terminate eariler for any reason. However if you are doing a super great job, We may keep you on longer!!!

 How to enter:

  • To enter, You will need to take "selfies" of you wearing body jewellery, You need to mention what catagory you wish to apply for, You can apply for more than one. -It dosnt have to be Glamore, I just need to see how you display it.
  • If applying via Facebook, Post your photo to our page. Also tag #glamorebrandrep
  • If applying via Instagram, post your photo, #glamorebrandrep AND tag us in your pic @glamorepiercing
  • You are more than welcome to pm me your images via Facebook or send via email
  • You can be as snap happy as you like, pop up as many pics, under as many different catagories as you like, Just remember to TAG US!
  • We will go with a small trial to see how things work out. In the event of not continuing the arrangement you can still keep any jewellery sent to you.

  • Glamore reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.

  • By submitting your images you give Glamore the right to use them for promotional purposes.

Last but not least, Have FUN!

Cant wait to see all these wonderful selfies!

Stacey. ❤